With all of the talk about casting for Fifty Shades of Grey, take a look at this list. Can you come up with a list of the cast? This list was compiled by a “50 Shades Fan”.

Ian Somerhalder
Actor, Founder’s Day
The son of a massage therapist and a building contractor, Somerhalder was born and raised in the small southern town of Covington, LA. Boating, swimming, fishing and training horses filled much of his recreational time growing up, as did the school drama club and performing with the local theater group…
“ A fan favorite for Christian Grey. I haven’t seen Vampire Diaries but he sure looks good in his pictures. ” – gaelstirler

Zac Efron
Actor, 17 Again
Born in San Luis Obispo, California, and raised nearby in Arroyo Grande, Zac Efron took his first step toward acting at the age of 11 when his parents took note of his singing ability. Singing lessons soon led to an appearance in the production of “Gypsy” that ran 90 performances and he was hooked. After appearing on-stage in “Peter Pan,” “Auntie Mame”…
“ Christian Grey, 27 year-old self-made billionaire with a penchant for B&D. Grey is also an an accomplished pianist, dancer, and kick boxer. Efron may be young and associated with Disney’s High School Musical but have you seen him lately? ” – gaelstirler

Chris Evans
Actor, The Avengers
Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13th, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachusetts to a father who works as a dentist and a mother who is a dancer. Chris Evans, as he is known to the showbiz industry also has three other siblings, an older sister named Carly Evans, and two younger siblings, a brother named Scott Evans…
“ Another choice for Christian Grey, young self-made billionaire with a tragic childhood that made him in his own words, “50 shades of *beep* up.” Often described as auburn haired, incredibly handsome, grey-eyed, with a perfectly toned body. ” – gaelstirler

Emma Stone
Actress, The Help
Stone began acting as a child as a member of the Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, where she made her stage debut in a production of Kenneth Grahame’s “The Wind in the Willows”. She appeared in many more productions through her early teens until, at the age of 15, she decided that she wanted to make acting her career…
“ I didn’t think she was right for Anastasia until I saw her in The Amazing Spiderman. She can play the self-doubting young woman that every guy adores. Anastasia is a 20 year old virgin that turns into a vixen. Though she is enthralled by Christian she is never tamed. He is won over by her feisty personality and her total disregard of his wealth. ” – gaelstirler

Scarlett Johansson
Actress, Lost in Translation
Scarlett Johansson was born in New York City to an Ashkenazi Jewish mother, Melanie Sloan and a Danish father, Karsten Johansson. Scarlett showed a passion for acting at a young age and starred in many plays. She has a sister named Vanessa Johansson, a brother named Adrian, and a twin brother named Hunter Johansson born three minutes after her…
“ Popular choice for Anastasia Steele, recent college grad virgin, who falls for dominating billionaire. I heard she will probably play her in the movie when it’s made and I’m sure she could deliver the box office but I wanted someone fresh and she did something like this in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I think she would be better for Katherine Kavenaugh. ” – gaelstirler

Jessica Chastain
Actress, The Tree of Life
Jessica Chastain was raised in a middle-class family in a northern California suburb. She discovered dance at the age of nine. By the age of 13, she was in a dance troupe. She took her mother’s maiden name and began performing in Shakespearean productions all over the Bay area. An actor in a production of “Romeo & Juliet” encouraged her to audition for Juilliard as a drama major…
“ Katherine Kavenaugh, Anastasia’s room mate and best friend. A stunning strawberry blond from a wealthy family. Jessica is one of my favorite actresses. I also considered LiLo. ” – gaelstirler

Tom Hardy
Actor, Inception
With his breakthrough performance as Eames in Christopher Nolan’s science fiction thriller Inception, English actor Tom Hardy has been brought to the attention of mainstream audiences worldwide. But the versatile actor has been steadily working on both stage and screen since his television debut in the miniseries Band of Brothers…
“ Elliot Grey, Christian’s brother (by adoption) who falls for Katherine. ” – gaelstirler

Lily Collins
Actress, The Blind Side
Although born in the UK, Lily Collins moved to Los Angeles with her mother, Jill Tavelman at the age of 5 when her parents split up. She performed at the Youth Academy for Dramatic Arts as a child but her main interest was journalism. She began writing a column (“NY Confidential”) for the British magazine Elle Girl in her teens as well as contributing to Seventeen…
“ Mia Grey, Christians little sister. A lot of fans like her for Ana. Can’t you just see her biting her lower lip? ” – gaelstirler

Chris Hemsworth
Actor, Thor
Though born in Melbourne, Australia, Chris Hemsworth saw quite a bit of the country in his youth when his family moved first to the Northern Territory before finally settling on Phillip Island to the south of Melbourne. He is brother to Liam Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth, both of whom are actors. In 2004…
“ Ethan Kavenaugh, Katherine’s brother. ” – gaelstirler

Anthony Narvaez
Actor, Something Wicked
“ Jose, a friend and college classmate who is a photographer with a bad crush on Anastasia. ” – gaelstirler

Cherry Jones
Actress, Signs
“ Carla Adams, Anastasia’s mother. She is on her 4th marriage and finally happy. ” – gaelstirler

Bruce Campbell
Actor, Army of Darkness
Born June 22, 1958 (the youngest of 3 brothers) in Royal Oak, Michigan. As a child, Bruce watched Lost in Space on TV, and ran around dressed as Zorro. He got the acting bug at age 8; his dad was performing in local community theater. At 14, Bruce got to play the young prince in “The King and I” and even got to sing…
“ Ray, Anastasia’s stepdad. ” – gaelstirler

Jena Malone
Actress, Contact
Jena Malone is an up-and-coming actress who has numerous accomplishments despite her young years. She is growing into being a substantial presence in the movie industry. Beginning as a child actress, and now stepping up to roles as a young adult, Malone’s career path has been compared to that of Jodie Foster…
“ Liela, one of Christian’s ex-submissives who becomes a stalker. ” – gaelstirler

Michael Fassbender
Actor, Inglourious Basterds
The actor Michael Fassbender was born in Heidelberg, Germany. He is of German and Irish parentage. His father is from Germany and his mother is from Northern Ireland. Michael was raised in the town of Killarney, Co. Kerry, in south west Ireland. At the moment he is based in London, England.
“ Jack Hyde, the homicial stalker. Fassbender really fits the description of the roll and has the chops for the action. ” – gaelstirler

Cillian Murphy
Actor, Inception
Striking Irish actor Cillian Murphy is the oldest child of teacher parents. He has three younger siblings. Murphy was educated at Presentation Brothers College, Cork. He went on to study law at University College Cork, but dropped out after about a year. During this time Murphy also pursued an interest in music…
“ Jack Hyde, book editor turned homicidal stalker. Hyde has long red hair and wears earrings. Other choices are James McAvoy and Damian Lewis. ” – gaelstirler

Sharon Stone
Actress, Casino
Sharon Stone was born and raised in Meadville, a small town in Pennsylvania. Her strict father was a factory worker and her mother was a homemaker. She was the second of four children. At the age of 15, she studied in Saegertown High School, Pennsylvania and, at that same age, entered Edinboro State University of Pennsylvania…
“ Elena, aka Mrs. Robinson. Top choice? ” – gaelstirler

Naomi Watts
Actress, King Kong
Naomi Watts was born in Shoreham, England on September 28, 1968 to Peter and Miv Watts. Peter Watts, the road manager to Pink Floyd, died when Naomi was seven and she began to follow her mother and her brother around England until they settled in Australia when she was fourteen. She coaxed her mother into letting her take acting class when they arrived…
“ Elena, Mrs. Robinson. ” – gaelstirler

Jenna Elfman
Actress, Friends with Benefits
Jenna Elfman was born in Los Angeles, California, and began her career appearing in commercials. She studied with Milton Katselas, the renowned acting teacher. She then began appearing in TV shows before landing the role of Dharma in the hit ABC television show Dharma & Greg. Her first starring role in a film was in Krippendorf’s Tribe…
“ Elena, Mrs Robinson. I saw Jenna in Damages and when she walked in with that tight skirt and no nonsense look, I thought that she looked exactly like I pictured Elena. ” – gaelstirler

Rebecca Romijn
Actress, X2
Rebecca Romijn was born on November 6, 1972, in Berkeley, California. Her father was Dutch-born and worked as a custom-furniture maker; her mother was American-born, of Dutch descent, and was an English teacher. Rebecca attended Berkeley High School where her nickname was the “Jolly Blond Giant”, then she attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where she majored in Music…
“ Elena, Mrs. Robinson. You know she would make a great dom. ” – gaelstirler

Liam Neeson
Actor, Schindler’s List
Born on June 7, 1952 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK, Liam Neeson worked as a forklift operator for Guinness, truck driver, assistant architect and an amateur boxer. He had originally sought a career as a teacher by attending St. Mary’s Teaching College in Belfast. However, in 1976, Neeson joined…
“ Carrick Grey, Christian Grey’s father. ” – gaelstirler

Diane Lane
Actress, Unfaithful
Diane Lane was born on January 22, 1965, in New York. Her parents are acting coach Burt Lane and nightclub singer/centerfold Colleen Farrington. Diane was acting from a very young age and made her stage debut at the age of six. Her work in such acclaimed theater productions as “The Cherry Orchard” and “Medea” led to her being called to Hollywood…
“ Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey, Christian’s Mother. ” – gaelstirler

Peter Sarsgaard
Actor, Jarhead
Coming on the scene fairly recently, Illinois-born actor Peter Sarsgaard has already demonstrated an amazing flair for harsh, disturbing, dark-edged characters despite his boyish countenance. A graduate of St. Louis’ Washington University where he majored in history and literature, he was a co-founder…
“ Taylor, bodyguard and chauffeur to Christian Grey. ” – gaelstirler

Ray Stevenson
Actor, The Book of Eli
Ray Stevenson has Gaelic roots although he was brought up in the North-East of England. He was born in Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. His father was a pilot in the Royal Air Force, his mother is Irish and he has an older brother and a younger brother. Ray got the acting bug in his youth during his visits to the Saturday Morning Picture Show at the Newcastle Odeon…
“ Taylor, bodyguard to Christian and Ana with military experience. ” – gaelstirler

Amber Heard
Actress, Zombieland
Amber Laura Heard was born in Austin, Texas on 22 April 1986. Her mother, Paige, worked for the state government and her father, David, was a successful commercial contractor. She dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and moved to New York work as a model, but finding modeling unrewarding she moved again, this time to Los Angeles, to pursue a career in acting…
“ Gia Matteo, a talented architect who is also described as shapely and a “sexual predator.” ” – gaelstirler

Jennifer Ehle
Actress, The King’s Speech
“ Gail Jones, (Mrs Jones) Christian’s housekeeper/cook. ” – gaelstirler

Queen Latifah
Actress, Chicago
Hip-hop’s first lady (though some would attribute that to Roxanne Shanté), the woman behind the moniker is Dana Owens, who was born on March 18th, 1970, in East Orange, New Jersey. She came from a police family–both her father and older brother were cops, which would later influence her rhyming style and life philosophy…
“ Ms Prescott, bodyguard. ” – gaelstirler

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