This morning we hit Page 7 in the New York Times and there it was. We were startled. At first we thought it was a VERY early poster for the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. Covering a full page, there was a voluptuous woman draped in a black mask with her arm submissively arched above her head. The (nearly) grey and white advertisement read “Only One Star”. We thought, this is amazing! EL James and her producers have not said a word about Anastasia, let alone the important selection of Christian Grey. Yet, here it was in full splendor….something that looked like the first poster for the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie.

Alas, we were wrong. It was only Lady Gaga (and Macy’s) promoting her new fragrance. Called Lady Gaga Fame, the ultra-premium perfume originates with Haus Laboratories in Paris. Those who know indicate that Fame is the first “black” perfume. Click Here To See Lady Gaga Perfume.

So here is our question. How can it be…and why is it that someone who we ( consider the most innovative and fascinating woman in the world feels the need to ride on the coattails of EL James and her 50 Shades Of Grey? Perhaps it is because Fifty Shades Of Grey is the most notable “marketing machine” on the planet. Ladies and gentlemen, you have seen nothing yet. Keep posted as the entire world jumps on the band wagon. Madison Avenue here we come.

PS The New York Times advertisement is cropped in a way that, in our humble opinion, looks much like the Fifty Shades Of Grey cover and other material. If anyone reading this has access to the New York Times, please take a look at Page 7 and tell us if you agree.

Laters Baby!

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