Big news is out on the wire. We are rushing this off. EL James has a new web site design. See it at Also, she confirmed “new love stories” to share with readers. Book Four? We are excited that these are signals for an announcement about FSBF (Fifty Shades Book Four). This is serious and awesome. See the related story below from the Examiner.


Author E L James has gone “blue” and revamped her website. Debuting a blue logo, location photos and a wine list to accompany the book series, on November 5 fans got a new insight into the world of “Fifty Shades.” E L James also dropped a bit of a news bombshell on her opening page saying “I’m looking forward to bringing you some new love stories I’ve got planned.”

Fans will be excited that the author is publishing new work soon. “Fifty Shades of Grey” fans have been waiting for an addition to the current series or a book from Christian Grey’s point of view. Based on her statement it is likely she is working on an entirely new series. With “Fifty Shades” starting as a work of “Twilight” fan fiction, fans can expect a completely unique and different story this time around. Readers have found the author’s writing style easy to read and compelling enough to have them begging for more. One fan club site stated, “E.L. James, your work here isn’t done– keep writing, men and women are loving it.”

The new website also has some fun content that “GREYsessed” followers will enjoy. James added photos of many landmarks from the “Fifty Shades” series. Escala, the beautiful and luxurious home of Christian Grey is revealed, the penthouse photo even includes a piano. The gallery also includes a photo of The Heathman Hotel, WSU, the I-5 in Seattle and many more important locales mentioned in the trilogy.

Have you ever dreamed of living in the luxury of Christian Grey’s world? You may not get to visit The Heathman Hotel or drive an Audi R8 but E L James has given fans a guide to enjoying some fine wines, ones that only Christian Grey would recommend. The “Fifty Shades” wine list not only gives the names of his favorites but also the scene they where they appeared in the book. So next time you go to pick up your copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey” you can grab a glass of Pouilly Fumé to accompany it.

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