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Ian Somerhalder, 33, has long been a favorite to play Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the wildly popular novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Most recently he is leading in two on-going polls. As of September 13, Books & Review’s poll on who should play Christian Grey, has Somerhalder in the lead with 39.55% (1,908 votes). Matt Bomer is in a close second with 33.52% (1,617 votes). A newer poll put up by Katie Couric, in anticipation of author E L James’ appearance on September 17, also has Ian leading. In that poll he is raking in 43% of the votes with Matt Bomer falling behind with 33%. This poll is still in progress and these results were as of September 13. The final results will likely be revealed on Katie’s show next Monday.

Fans have called Ian out for the role because he can play dark, as seen on “The Vampire Diaries” yet he also has a young and playful side, which can be witnessed in many of his interviews. That type of versatility will be hard to find in an actor. Christian Grey is a 27 year old billionaire with an ego that matches his fortune. Yet underneath the cocky and resilient CEO is a scared kid with a horrifyingly sad past. One Twitter fan answered the question of why Ian is perfect for the part. “His intensity. His ability to play mercurial and cocky, self-assured and broken in one episode, one scene” and of course “his gorgeous bod.” Another fan account also tweeted that Ian’s real life dedication to philanthropy mirrors that of Christian’s character, who champions to end world hunger. During a brief interview with PopSugar TV on September 12, Ian showed his philanthropic side while ending the interview with playfulness, very reminiscent of Christian Grey.

Social media has played a big part in Ian’s popularity for the role. There are countless Twitter accounts as well as Facebook pages dedicated to ensuring Ian Somerhalder is cast as Christian Grey. His fan support will continue to keep him a front-runner until an official cast announcement is made. Fans will be happy to know that author E L James is well aware of the favorites to play Christian and, starting her career as a “Twilight” fan herself, may be more likely to listen to her followers.

Fifty Shades Of Grey XXX Adaptation Movie Trailer

EL James Interview On Katie Couric Show, Monday, September 17

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