Well, I guess Chris Brown DOES like to hit women, maybe he would be perfect? (I mean, honestly.)

When Leona Lewis was asked by MTV News who she thinks should be cast to play the lead in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, she responded that she thought Chris would be perfect.

The X Factor star, who has previously admitted to reading E L James’ best-seller, claims Breezy would be the perfect choice to play dominating Christian Grey – who she describes as “really hot.”

When asked who from the world of pop would she like to portray Grey in the flick, Leona replied: “For Christian Grey it has to be someone really hot and super smooth. Why am I just thinking of Chris Brown… maybe Chris Brown!”

Lewis went on to add that she believes Taylor Swift would be the perfect choice to play Anastasia Steele.

In the same interview, Leona also confessed that she almost never turned up to be a guest judge on The X Factor panel, revealing: “The night before I called up and asked if it was okay that I didn’t come in and do it!

“I was really, really scared. But when I did I actually felt really comfortable and had good advice to offer, so I enjoyed it.”

The 27-year old went on to state that she won’t be taking a seat on The X Factor panel permanently, claiming: “Not right now but possibly in the future. I think it could be a really fun thing to do.”

Thankfully I think Hollywood is smarter than hiring Chris Brown to play a man that abuses women (I mean really, that’s what he does).

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